Behind the Scenes with a My World 360° Media Creator

Behind the Scenes with a MY World 360° Media Creator

Filmmaker and photographer Andrew Arias tells stories about his community that are personal and profound.

“Growing up, I saw things that were amazing to me—stuff that other people don’t see,” Arias says. A photography class in high school sparked his love of photography and filmmaking, and he has since used his craft to document stories of everyday life in his hometown of Los Angeles.

In celebration of Scholastic Journalism Week (February 17–23), we’re featuring Arias and a small sample of his work, including excerpts from his photo collection and his award-winning 360° video, “Slum Visions,” which was screened at the United Nations in September 2018 as part of MY World 360°.

Arias co-created “Slum Visions” in partnership with Emerson College in Los Angeles, part of the Film2Future program.

Storytelling For Impact
For Arias, an aspiring journalist, the use of new media in journalism has the potential to open people’s eyes and help them see the world in new ways, ultimately catalyzing positive change.

“It’s not for them to change. It’s for them to see what’s going on and for them to make the change. I want to be a journalist and show stories that don’t get shown. It’s about pushing things out for people to see and then for people to make the changes,” Arias says.


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