Film2Future (F2F) launched in 2016 with four-professional workshops: Narrative Filmmaking, Animation, Emerging Technologies, and Advertising. During the program, F2F brings in over 100 volunteers, all professionals within the entertainment industry. From above-the-line to below-the-line to agents, managers, and producers, Film2Future students learn from subject matter experts. Our curriculum is structured to have students return to the program each year to learn new filmmaking aspects and updates to current technology. In preparation for a career after high school, we also teach essential life skills such as resume writing, proper interview techniques, financial literacy, and how to build a portfolio. Upon graduation, Film2Future places students in paid internships and production assistant roles, including on shows such as Glow, Vida, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Mayans M.C..

Film2Future prepares students for a successful career in entertainment by ensuring our curriculum meets and exceeds industry standards. This year, students learned Open Reel Software, a cutting-edge technology empowering our students to safely and successfully film remotely under strict COVID-19 protocols. Hollywood is always changing, and our students will be prepared wherever the entertainment industry goes.

Special Guest DAVE GROHL talks to Film2Future students!

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Narrative Filmmaking

Students learn three critical phases of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production: Pre-production consists of story structure, theme, creating characters, and writing a script. Students learn how to schedule and break down screenplays for production. During production, students learn the technical aspects of the camera, lighting, and sound equipment. Post-production includes editing, sound mixing, and music compositions. The result is each student graduates our program with a short film for their reel.


Students learn how to take their creativity from script to screen. Entertainment professionals volunteer their time to teach the creative and technical aspects of animation with state-of-the-art technology. The curriculum includes storyboarding, voiceover, animation, and post-production. By the end of the program, students' have a 2-5 minute short animated film.

Emerging Technologies: Virtual Reality

Hollywood is always changing, and our F2F Emerging Technology curriculum adapts to meet industry needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art, pre-, and post-production equipment and software, we have done a V.R. program where students learned the art of storytelling, casting, budgeting, and project development. Upon completion, students will have written and produced 5 V.R. short films for their reel. We are currently planning both a podcasting and virtual world-building program. Podcasting, V.R., A.R.—wherever the entertainment industry goes, we will follow.


Our grAD curriculum highlights the primary creative roles in advertising including copywriter and art director. From pitching a brand, to impactful copywriting, commercial photography, casting, production design, and music in advertising, F2F students learn everything needed to take a client brief and turn it into an ad spot commercial. By the end of the program, F2F students bring all their skills and creativity together to create five real-world commercials for actual clients, like 7-11. In 2019, in partnership with Hulu and JED Foundation for World Mental Health Day, F2F students created five PSAs that aired on Hulu (the youngest producers to have work streamed on the platform), which have currently garnered over 22 million impressions.

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