Our 2021 Gala: The Ties That Bind celebrated our aspiring filmmakers’ hard work and debuted the films created during this summer’s animation program.

This year’s Screening & Awards Ceremony brought together industry luminaries, Hollywood celebrities, students, family, alumni, and friends to celebrate the achievements of the last year. Students saw their films premiere before an audience of industry leaders and received awards for their films during the ceremony, such as “Best World Building” or “Best Editing.” This year’s event took place virtually.

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2021 host

Zuri Hall

This year’s celebration wouldn’t have been the same without the fabulous Zuri Hall hosting a wonderful evening celebrating our aspiring filmmakers and their achievements. Zuri is an Emmy Award winning TV host, actress + writer—who currently serves up personality packed with charisma, empathy & insight on NBC’s Access Hollywood and American Ninja Warrior.

In addition to student awards, each year we present someone with our Changemaker Award to recognize their efforts to promote a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Hollywood. Past recipients have included LaToya Morgan (2020), Jaeden Martell (2019), Emilio Rivera (2018), Elgin James (2017), and Iris Grossman (2016). And our 2021 Changemaker Award goes to…

2021 Changemaker

Hill Harper

This year, NAACP Award-Winning Actor, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Social Activist, Hill Harper was selected as our 2021 Changemaker Award recipient! Hill’s efforts and success to implement real and meaningful social advancement through prominent academia, business, and activism projects are vital to our mission and underscore what it means to be a Film2Future Changemaker.


Thank you to our guest speakers and talent who attended our sixth annual Screening and Awards Ceremony.


Student Films

Using the theme “The Ties That Bind” as inspiration, our aspiring filmmakers created six animatics examining community, culture, and family.

Beyond Symbiosis

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2021 Award Winner: “Best World Building” When a tarantula needs a babysitter, to protect her eggs from ants, they hire a frog.

Nosotros Torogoces

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2021 Award Winner: “Best Editing”
Izzy and their brother Dario butt heads yet again, but with the help of 2 pesky Torogoz birds they may find common ground and remember growing up doesn’t mean drifting apart.

From The Soul

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2021 Award Winner: “Best Music”
Two kids from different races, social classes, and backgrounds find a way to communicate and create a magical moment without a single word.


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2021 Award Winner: “Best Storyboards”
A young, Korean girl struggles to find pride in her own culture when she goes to school and encounters peers that think the food she eats is “different.”


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2021 Award Winner: “Best Voice Acting”
A boy who battles with the reality of growing up, feels lost until visited by a symbol that reminds him of his grandmother.


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2021 Award Winner: “Best Story”
A girl who is the only one with the ability to see the red string of fate, struggles with identity as she is born without a red string herself.