Clio Entertainment, Spark, and Film2Future Kick-off “The Art of Trailer Making” Series

On Saturday, Clio Entertainment was proud to partner with Spark and Film2Future to kick off a six-week educational event series on “The Art of Trailer Making.” Film2Future is a non-profit organization that provides a professional level filmmaking program to underserved teenagers in Los Angeles and works to diversify the entertainment industry.

This new educational series is designed for Film2Future students to become familiar with the entertainment marketing community, and specifically, the careers that exist at trailer agencies, which are often overlooked career pathways in traditional film school educations. The series is also open to the general public looking to learn more about trailer making or in supporting the future generation of trailer makers by purchasing tickets that support Film2Future’s fundraising efforts.

Read the full article via Clio Entertainment here and the final article via Clio is here.

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