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Rajan Patel
CEO & Executive Producer, Framework Studio

In the South Asian community, a typical career path tends to include the word ‘engineer’ or ‘hospitality’. It was clear early on that these words weren’t in the cards for Rajan Patel, who always knew his passion for film and artistic drive would steer him toward career in entertainment and the arts. After cutting his teeth at a young age in a Fortune 500 company, Rajan went on to become an executive producer and the President of Framework Studio, a creative agency and production house where he works daily in a fulfilling and fast-paced creative environment. Creating custom content for all the major Hollywood studios and working with A-list talent, he combines his creative vision with his business and production expertise to make his mark on the ongoing cultural conversation around film, entertainment as a whole, and various high-profile brands. At Framework, Rajan wears a lot of hats (though he tries not to wear them all at once). As the steward of Framework’s strategic, financial and creative game plan, he’s always involved in the company’s various departments so he can continue evolving while always staying true to the big picture. A creative vision requires clarity, and Rajan’s ethos is to cut through the clutter and find that clarity amid the chaos. Anyone who works in entertainment knows how quickly a well-thought-out plan can get blocked, obscured, or straight-up carpet-bombed. Rajan has built his reputation as the guy who finds a clear path forward in a project no matter what. Whether he’s building budgets, securing clients, or making content, his laser focus on shepherding projects through the minefield of this business he loves, Rajan has proven time and again to be a dependable partner and leader in creating fun, exciting marketing for some of the largest entertainment properties in the world.