Marisa Polvino
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Marisa Polvino
Co-CEO, Straight Up Films

A prolific producer and entrepreneur, Marisa Polvino is responsible for identifying and shaping projects that align with the Straight Up Impact ethos.

In 2008, with partner Kate Cohen, Marisa founded Straight Up Films, a fully integrated multi-media production company that has worked alongside top-name Hollywood talent, including Natalie Portman, Rosario Dawson, Jesse Eisenberg, Gina Rodriguez and Johnny Depp.

Recognizing the profound effect cinema can have on culture the pair, along with co-founder Pam Roy, launched Straight Up Impact with the mission of producing thought-provoking content that can appeal to human emotions, shift perspectives and inspire positive social change.

At Straight Up Impact, Marisa uses her entrepreneurial spirit and know-how and focuses on forging relationships with like-minded partners while also overseeing much of the company’s business strategy, development, marketing and operational structure. In 2019, she created the “Power On” series for Google’s computer science in media division which was a five-part, short-film series directed by leading actresses and designed to promote greater gender and racial diversity in STEAM fields.

Marisa is perpetually inspired by her two children and encourages them to follow their passions and pay attention to what matters most in life. And, to work hard and always be nice to people.

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