Contact Info
Caro Beguiristain
Production Lead, Animation
Caro Beguiristain is a storyboard artist who grew up in a colorful Cuban household in Miami, Florida. They graduated from Florida State University’s film school in 2018 and moved to Los Angeles to work in the animation industry. Most recently, Caro has worked on shows such as Duncanville and Housebroken. Although they specialize in storyboarding, they also have experience in animation production for feature and television.
Caro started working with Film2Future in 2021 and immediately felt completely electrified and inspired by the students. Caro helped build the animation pipeline at Film2Future, and continues to strive to teach their students the most up to date practices in the animation industry. Caro loves what Film2Future stands for and wants to give these students a platform to have their voices heard and bring some much needed diversity to the animation industry!
Outside of animation, Caro makes their own comics, loves to dance and watch anime, and strives to uphold the family tradition of being the loudest person in the room at any given time.